New Years Eve - Brunch with Sierra Nevada and Town & Gown

This year we are doing something a bit different for New Years Eve. Rather than participate in all of the late night shenanigans, we have decided to start our day early at 10:00am instead. So, the Saturday of the 31st, we will have brunch catered in from Town & Gown Bistro. And, to go with this fine food offering, we are also going to tap some pretty awesome brews from Sierra Nevada. The brunch will be buffet style and the event is going to be ticketed. What that means is that we have limited space and we will be open early only for those who have tickets. From 10:00am through 2:00pm we will only be open for those who buy tickets for the event. The ticket will include the brunch as well as some beers from Sierra Nevada. Outside of the included beers, each person will also receive a Sierra Nevada Glass and the chance to win some signs and flags from Sierra. If you would like more beer than what is included with your ticket, you are more than welcome to purchase more from the servers and bartenders who will be working that day. Now lets move on to the details:

Sierra Tap List:

  1. Nooner Pilsner - Pint: $5, 4oz: $2

  2. Otra Vez Gose - Pint: $5, 4oz: $2

  3. Sidecar Orange Pale Ale - Pint: $5, 4oz: $2

  4. Hop Hunter IPA - Pint: $5, 4oz: $2

  5. Brewers Select IPA with Ekuanot Hops - Pint: $10, 4oz: $3

  6. Harvest Single Hop IPA with Neomexicanus Hops - Pint: $10, 4oz: $3

  7. Newly Developed Hop IPA with Experimental Hops - Pint: $10, 4oz: $3

  8. Bourbon Barrel Aged Narwhal with Currants - Pint: $16, 4oz: $4

  9. Red Wine Barrel Aged Biere De Garde - Pint: $16, 4oz: $4

Town & Gown Menu:

  1. Scrambled Eggs

  2. Biscuits and Gravy

  3. Corned Beef Hash

  4. Sausage and Bacon

  5. French Toast

  6. Fried Potato

Ticket are $25

With each ticket, you will get the catered buffet from Town & Gown as well as a 4oz of each of the barrel aged beers and one pint of your choice from the 3 new IPAs. So, you will get 4oz of both BA Narwhal and BA Biere De Garde plus your choice of one pint of the following: Brewers Select IPA, Harvest Single Hop IPA, or Newly Developed Hop IPA. With each ticket, you will also receive a glass from Sierra Nevada and a raffle ticket for the 3 large flags and signs we have from Sierra Nevada. You can purchase these tickets by coming into The Pint and asking for one. We will take your name down and the number of tickets you would like when you purchase them in store. Just so you know, if you end up being unable to attend, the tickets are not refundable but are transferable. If you would like to transfer the tickets to someone else, the original purchaser must come in and let us know who will be taking the tickets instead. That also means that you may purchase these for someone else outright as well. We are limiting this to 50 spots and is exclusive for those who have previously purchased those spots from 10:00am through 2:00pm on the 31st. These spots are available for sale now.


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