Thanksgiving Week - Changes and Closings

To start this off, we want to let you all know that we now have 50 new mugs for sale for the mug deal group. With that being said, get them while they last. Same price. We don't like change.

We want to also inform you of our closings this week. From Thursday through Sunday, we will be closed. We don't want to work this weekend because the lazy, incompetent owner is leaving town. So, the rest of us decided, we want to spend time with our families. Thus, we are closed for a few days so we can eat too many carbs, have endorphins kick in, pass out, then proceed to drink because we don't want to talk about the election with our grandparents no matter who they voted for. Stock up for this weekend on your favorite beer this week because while we haven't run out of beer, you can't have any this weekend. Monday we will resume normal hours. Just to recap, Thursday the 24th through Sunday the 27th, we will be closed. No matter how hard you pull on the door, no one will let you in. If you manage to get in, ADT is gonna call the cops. Ain't nobody want that either.

Because of the closure, we will be moving our #MugClub day this week from Thursday to Wednesday. And, for shits and giggles, dollar off pint day will be Wednesday as well. Which means, 3 Floyds beers get tapped Wednesday this week. Yup, its like Thursday on Wednesday. Fuck the rules.

One final grand recap:

  1. New Mugs on sale now!

  2. Closed Thursday the 24th through Sunday the 27th because Thanksgiving

  3. Thursday deals on Wednesday.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend. Eat, drink, don't talk politics, and vote craft beer for's terrific. I know it's terrific. All my friends know it's terrific.

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