Kegs and Eggs Featuring Upland and All the Teddy Bear Kisses - February 18th, 10am-2pm


We are bringing it back, and Town and Gown is catering again! Kegs and Eggs are making they're second appearance here at The Pint, and we have a whole new lineup and brewery for you. Upland is being so kind as to provide an amazing list. Now, we know what you are thinking. Are we going to have a delicious Russian Imperial Stout brewed with Free Trade Cocoa Nibs? Yes we are. Not just 1 though. We are going to have 5. Through careful preparation over the years (more like forgetfulness), we have managed to save up a 3 year vertical of Teddy Bear Kisses: 2014, 2015, & 2016. When Upland heard this, they were like, "Hey lets throw in Oak Aged Teddy Bear Kisses...while we're at it, have Nitro Teddy Bear Kisses too!" And how do you say no to that? So, here are the details and the tap list for this Kegs and Eggs event:

Ticket Price: $25

  1. You may buy the tickets at the bar or over the phone.

  2. Ticket includes Town and Gown Brunch and A Flight of ALL 5 Teddy Bear Kisses

  3. Tickets are not refundable but are transferable.

Tap List:

  1. Latitude Adjustment Pale Ale: Pint - $5 Sample - $2

  2. Coast Buster Imperial IPA: Pint - $6 Sample - $2

  3. Champagne Velvet Pilsner: Pint - $5 Sample - $2

  4. Upland Wheat Ale: Pint - $5 Sample - $2

  5. Peach Sour - Sample - $5

  6. 2014 Teddy Bear Kisses: Pint - $7 Sample - $3

  7. 2015 Teddy Bear Kisses: Pint - $7 Sample - $3

  8. 2016 Teddy Bear Kisses: Pint - $7 Sample - $3

  9. Oak Aged Teddy Bear Kisses: Sample $5

  10. Nitro Teddy Bear Kisses: Pint - $7 Sample - $3

Town and Gown Brunch: Included with Ticket

  1. Eggs with Cheese, Spinach, and Salsa on the side

  2. Sausage and Bacon

  3. Corned Beef Hash

  4. Fried Potatoes

  5. French Toast

  6. Biscuits and Gravy

  7. Cinnamon Rolls

So it's a similar deal to last time around. We will be giving away glassware this time as well that comes with a ticket purchase. We aren't sure yet if we will have any other goodies to give away, but we will let you know. We want to go ahead and thank Town and Gown and Upland for having this event with us, and we look forward to seeing you all there, bright and early, at 10:00 AM.

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