Oktoberfest September 28th-30th 2017

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We have come around to that special time of year where Märzen style lagers and Festbiere abound! And what better way to celebrate than drinking these beers out of traditional liter mugs? Starting this Thursday, we are going to have 5 of these Oktoberfest beers on draft and all will be available in Liter Mugs. Additionally, you will be able to drink these in mugs while supplies last through Saturday of this week. So, if you don't make it on Thursday, you have two more days to grab yourself a liter of German style goodness...if we don't run out first. We will also be doing giveaways again this year in limited supply with Upland Oktoberfest and Hofbräu Oktoberfest. Supplies are limited on the glassware as well. The other good news is that if you haven't gotten a Pint Mug yet, we just got in a bunch more so we are able to sell 50 more Mugs so that you can fill up for those liter prices. Also, for funsies, we are tapping 3 Floyds Zombie Dust for Mug Day this week. Yeah...so here is the list of stuff to be tapped on Thursday:

  1. Hofbräu Oktoberfest

  2. Paulaner Oktoberfest

  3. Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

  4. Sun King Oktoberfest

  5. Upland Oktoberfest

  6. 3 Floyds Zombie Dust


We are tapping them at 3pm and pouring them all night. Glassware will be available while supplies last.

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Rhinegeist Tap Takeover - Friday, September 22nd, 2017


Welcome to Homecoming week! And, with Purdue doing so well so far this year, we thought it might be fun to invite some of our beer friends up with some cool beers. So, this Friday starting at 3pm, we are going to tap 5 Rhinegeist beers one of which happens to be a collaboration with Pipeworks. Astro Dwarf is an Hazy IPA that does not disappoint. Bravo, Galaxy, Mosaic and Hallertau Blanc hops give this beer a wonderful citrus and tropical fruit aroma and flavor. One thing we should note, we are also going to be doing buy a pint, keep the glass with Pints of Truth while supplies of Rhinegeist glassware lasts. Also, here is the full list:

  1. Truth IPA

  2. Juicy Truth IPA with Grapefruit

  3. Citra Pale Ale

  4. Astro Dwarf Hazy IPA

  5. Bubbles cider made with peach and cranberry juice

Tapping is at 3pm and we will be giving away those glasses while supplies last!


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4th Anniversary - Saturday, September 16th, 2017

First of all, we want to say thank you to all of our loyal patrons. Whether you have been with us for 4 years or 4 days, you have made us what we are today. Through construction, loss of power, and whatever else, you are the reason we are around. It is you the patrons who have made this whole thing possible, and we appreciate that. It's you who have also made it such a blast to come to work every day! That part hasn't gone unnoticed.

And, to celebrate 4 long and fun years, we have a few fun beers to put on tap this weekend:

  1. New Holland Tripper Noche Imperial Stout Aged in Tequila Barrels (2016)

  2. New Holland Oak Aged Dragon's Milk - Special Barrel Selections were made on this small batch version.

  3. New Holland Dragon's Milk Reserve: Mexican Spice Cake

  4. Founders Backwoods Bastard

  5. Goose Island Halia

  6. Epic's Big Bad Baptist (2015)

  7. Great Divide's Oak Aged Yeti (2015)

  8. Vander Mill Apple Raspberry Cider

  9. Against The Grain Citra Ass Down

This is what we know for sure we are tapping so far, and we may have more to pull out of the old cellar. Tapping is at 3pm on Saturday, and we hope to see you then.


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11 Lines of 3 Floyds - Saturday, September 9th, 2017

As per usual, it's that time of year where we have a little fun by putting a whole bunch of 3 Floyds beers on draft. Now, we realize there is a lot going on this weekend, but we hope you have a chance to stop by and grab a pint. We do have a pretty good tap list:


  1. Zombie Dust APA

  2. LazerSnake Indiana Pale Ale

  3. Necron 99 IPA

  4. Apocalypse Cow IIPA

  5. Cimmerian Sabertooth Berzerker Imperial Pale Ale

  6. Blackheart English Style Pale Ale

  7. Mistral Kolsch

  8. Gumballhead American Pale Wheat

  9. Robert The Bruce Scottish Style Ale

  10. Moloko Milk Stout

  11. Battle of Charro II Imperial Brett IPA with Cherries

Tapping is at 3pm, and we look forward to seeing you then!


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Rhinegheist Brewery Release Party - Saturday, July 15th, 2017


This Saturday, we are launching a new brewery to Indiana: Rhinegeist. They started in 2013 in the Over-The-Rhine district of Cincinnati and have been pumping some pretty good stuff ever since. The brewer, Jim Matt, got his start at Sun King and has adapted his talents into some delicious liquids produced in Ohio. Not only are these guys doing beer, but they are also making ciders as well. That means we will have a nice wide offering for you to sample and enjoy. I won't waste too much time here and get straight to the point. Here is your tap list:

  1. Truth IPA brewed with Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, and Centennial hops $6-Pint $2-Four OZ

  2. Melon Drop Extra Pale Ale $8-Pint $3-Four OZ

  3. Knowledge Imperial IPA brewed with Simcoe, Centennial, Chinook, and Columbus hops $11-Pint $6-Eight OZ $4-Four OZ

  4. Cougar Blonde Ale $5-Pint $2-Four OZ

  5. Puma Pilsner $8-Pint $3-Four OZ

  6. Bubbles Fruit Ale with Peach, Cranberry, and Apple Juices added $6-Pint $2-Four OZ

  7. Semi Dry Cider $6-Pint $2-Four OZ

  8. Maracuja Sour Ale with Passion Fruit $11-Pint $6-Eight OZ $4-Four OZ

  9. Nitro Druncle Imperial Mild Ale $6-Pint $2-Four OZ

We will be running some flight specials Saturday as well as doing glassware and brewery swag giveaways! Tapping is at 3pm.

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Three Floyds Tapping Event - Saturday, June 10th, 3pm

We have managed to cobble together a handful of beers from everybody's favorite 90's brewery, 3 Floyds! Okay, so maybe not everybody but at least a couple people out there seem to think a lot of these guys, and they have dropped a few new beers lately that we thought y'all might be interested in: VCR/GUN/PHD, The Mexorcist, and Toxic Malts. And, since we have them all at once, why not tap them all at once? Long story (more like boring story) short, this Saturday at 3pm, we will be putting on these 3 beers with some old favorites for you to enjoy. so, without further ado, here is your tap list:

  1. Zombie Dust APA

  2. Space Station Middle Finger APA

  3. VCR/GUN/PHD New England IPA

  4. The Mexorcist Aztec Style Double IPA

  5. Toxic Malts Belgian Style Ale

All in all, it should be a nice day. In addition to this info, we want to let you know that our Thursday Floyds beer will be Gumballhead this week. And, we are opening up the mugs this Thursday for 25 more people. Price on those is still $10 each. Other than that, we look forward to seeing you later on this week!

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