Updated: 9:06pm on October 22nd, 2016

denotes a beer on the daily flight.

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Beer Brewery ABV IBU 16oz 4oz Style
Fistful Of Hops RedSun King Brewing Company6.7%77$6$2IPA - American
Waimea SmashSun King Brewing Company4.5%50$7$3Pale Ale - American
Hop StoopidLagunitas Brewing Company8.0%102$5$2IPA - Imperial / Double
Pride & Joy Mild Ale 3 Floyds Brewing Company5.0%42$6$2English Mild Ale
Broo Doo3 Floyds Brewing Company7.0%80$7$3IPA - American
Sunlight Cream Ale Sun King Brewing Company5.3%20$5$2Cream Ale
80-Acre Hoppy Wheat BeerBoulevard Brewing Co.5.5%20$4$1Pale Wheat Ale - American
Free BearsSun King Brewing Company5.9%-$7$3Brown Ale - American
Wee Mac Scottish Ale Sun King Brewing Company5.3%23$5$2Scottish Ale
Bourbon Barrel TimmieSun King Brewing Company10.0%70$9$3Stout - Russian Imperial
RumpshakerSun King Brewing Company10.0%70$9$3Stout - Imperial / Double
Hot Rod LincolnSun King Brewing Company10.0%70$9$3Stout - Russian Imperial
Afternoon DelightSun King Brewing Company8.0%23$9$3Doppelbock
Ginger Peach CiderVander Mill6.9%-$7$3Cider
Rainbow BlindnessSun King Brewing Company6.5%23$9$3Sour - Ale
nitroNitro Amazon PrincessPeople's Brewing Company6.8%62$5$2IPA - American
nitroOld RasputinNorth Coast Brewing Company9.0%75$7$3Stout - Russian Imperial

Wine Smoothies

Smootie Price
Pink Moscato Raspberry$6
Moscato Orange$6